Too Busy to Practice???…

We are well aware that everyone has a busy schedule, but we all make time for things that are important to us!
If dance is one of your goals, the link below has some additional ideas to help you in your training!
Here are a few of our practice times we encourage our students to use as well:
While talking on the phone…

(If you can “dance” your moves while talking on the phone (multitasking) then you will be able to apply them while on the dance floor with a partner!)

Before & After dance lessons or anytime the studio is open…

(We always allow & encourage our students to take advantage of the dance floor at the studio for free!  Just check with us as during a group class, etc., doesn’t work so well!)

Take advantage of group classes, practice dances, & social dances in studio and out on the town!

(Work on applying your PMCC techniques and patterns anytime you are on the dance floor no matter where or with whom you’re dancing!)

Click on the Dance Comp Review article Below for more ideas!

7 Ways to practice on a busy schedule